Layered Simplicity

My whole philosophy in this Crash Course is to learn each layer of jazz guitar as simply as possible. Focusing on one element and really get a handle on it before moving.

It is discouraging and unhelpful to struggling to play chords that way out of your range. Heck, it discouraging to do anything like that. You don’t start of on the high dive, ya know?

I believe you learn how to play 3-note chords first. Get good rhythm, a fantastic vocabulary, and a working knowledge of standard chord progressions.  You simplify, and you’ll never be confused by what is happening in the music.

If you can, focus on one main thing at a time. Don’t just take my word for it. Here is famed blogger/marketer/wisebaldmanonthemountian Seth Godin’s take on it. 

Not sure if Crash Course is for You? Maybe this will help.  “Say One Thing At A Time”

Author: gman

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