Crash Course In Jazz Guitar Series


Vol. 1  Rhythm Guitar – 3-Note Voicings

The foundation of the whole series. All other volumes require knowledge of the material in this book.  Learn to read any lead sheet or big band chart and “comp” (play the chords) in an authentic and swinging manner.  Learn the “rooting” system which allows you to easily play all over the neck of the guitar.  Learn how to easily find any note on the guitar. Learn how to play 3-note chord voicings on the guitar, a very versatile accompaniment style used in swing jazz and other styles.

Vol. 2 – Reading Rhythms

Vol. 2 Reading Rhythms teaches you how to read all the rhythms you come across on standard swing jazz, latin, blues, and rock charts. Apply the rhythms to the chords learned in Vol. 1.  Learn standard comping patterns for a large variety of styles.

Vol. 3 – High Chords and 3rd/7th Comping

Learn high chord voicings on the top four strings. Very useful for many styles including latin, rock and modern jazz. It also forms the foundation for jazz guitar soloing and improvisation studies explored in future volumes.

3/7 comping. An extremely useful way to comp in small group ensembles with a piano player. Also, extremely useful in learning voicing leading used in improvisation.

These new voicings will be applied to rhythms learned in Vol. 2.

Vol. 4 – Reading Single Note Lines

A survivalist method for reading in any key on the guitar. Useful for playing melodies from lead sheets or big band charts.  Very helpful for acquiring more vocabulary for improvisation.

Vol. 5 – Improvisation

Begins with the “blues” scale and pentatonics working towards key-centered improvisation. Utilizing high chord voicings, develop a swing jazz vocabulary in the style of soloists like Charlie Christian. Working all the way up to chord/scales used in contemporary jazz.